Leo F. Clouser

Lieutenant Leo F. Clouser, 1st Platoon, 51st Company Infantry OCS, Fort Benning, GeorgiaRank: 1st Lieutenant

Branch: Infantry

Separation Date: January 13, 1968

Wife’s Name: Barbara; Children: 5; Grandchildren: 2

City and State: Sepulveda, California

Awards: Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star

Civilian Degree: BA, Accounting, Marian University

Summary of Assignments: Following OCS he became an instructor with the Nuclear Weapons Team at Fort Benning. He later went to Jungle Warfare School and was later assigned to the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam as a Platoon Leader, XO and Acting Company Commander.

Jobs/Profession following military: After returning from Vietnam, he got out of the Army and went to work for United California Bank (UCB). After 10 years with UCB, he bought a liquor store, which he ran for 5 years. After that, he went back to banking, joining Crocker National Bank. He subsequently worked for a number of community banks in Southern California, which included Santa Clara National Bank, Burbank National Bank and Downey State Bank. He became President and CEO of one of the banks and later sat on the Board of three troubled community banks. A total of 30 years in Banking.

Current hobbies/interests: Golf, hiking, softball and going to Las Vegas often; Driving an 18 wheeler.



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