Stanley A. Blunt

Lieutenant Stanley A. Blunt, 1st Platoon, 51st company Infantry OCS, OC 1-66, Fort Benning, GeorgiaRank: Captain

Separation Date: 1973

Branch: Infantry

City and State: Aberdeen, Washington

Summary of Assignments: Following OCS, went to Ranger School and then stayed at Eglin Air Force Base for 11 months.  He then went to 173rd Infantry Brigade in Vietnam. He received a head wound during an operation in the Iron Triangle. He also served as a Company Commander in the 5th Mech and as a Battalion Advisor to the 1st ARVN Division. He later attended the Infantry Advanced Course at Fort Benning. He returned to Vietnam for another tour in 1972 and got out of the Army in 1973. He spent the next couple of years traveling around the United States.


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