Robert A. (Alan) Fitch

Lieutenant Robert Alan Fitch, 2nd Platoon, 51st Company Infantry OCS, Fort Benning, Georgia.Rank: Major (Ret)

Branch: Army Intelligence Service

Retirement Date: August 1986

Number of Years of service: 22

Wife’s Name: Pat

Deceased: June 6, 2022

Summary of Assignments: After leaving the Army, he became involved with the Churchill Society. As a result of that, he became a rare book dealer. Alan has some type of neurological disorder that has resulted in him losing some of his fine motor skills. He also had spine surgery a couple of years ago and as a result his legs are pretty well shot although he is not in a wheel chair. Alan has wondered from time to time over the years what has happened to all of the guys he graduated with from OCS. Since graduating, Alan has only seen two classmates; Bob Gaylord, who was with him in Vietnam, and Frank Halcromb at Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. Alan played basketball with the First Army Team back then.

Alan remembers the first morning run in OCS, when he saw Lt. Cerone and thought he was a candidate..he whispered to Cerone, “Get back in formation before they see you.”  The next words he heard were….”Drop!!”

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