Harry R. Stewart

Lieutenant Harry R. Stewart, 6th Platoon, 51st Company Infantry OCS, Fort Benning, Georgia.Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Branch: Infantry

Born: October 3, 1941

Deceased: Age 25, March 10, 1967, KIA, Hostile Explosive Device, 25th Infantry Division, Kien Hoa, Vietnam

Award: Purple Heart

Interred: Andrew Johnson National Cemetery, Tennessee

Post from Vietnam Wall Memorial: “Remembering “happy hour” with the third herd.  Lt Harry Stewart was the Platoon Leader of 3rd Platoon, Co C, 2BN, 27th Inf Wolfhounds while I was the Field First Sgt of the same unit. SSG Mario Crocetti and Lt Stewart would send a written note to the CP requesting the honor of my presence at “Third Herd Happy Hour at 1800.” It was more of a joke since we were out in the boonies at the time. It is still a warm memory of truly fine men and soldiers. The sadness of March 10, 1967, is also still with me. They found a VC in a small bunker. He came out clutching a grenade with the pin pulled. A fragment struck Lt Stewart’s heart and he died on the spot. I will visit his memorial on Veterans Day 02 as I have in times past.” Charles Green, Friend and fellow member of C/2/27, Wednesday, August 28, 2002

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