Class Reunions: OC 1-66

Note: If you have photographs from any of the OC 1-66 Reunions please forward them to the Web Master via the Contact page and they will be posted here. Please supply the year of the Reunion and its location with your submission. Thanks.

March 2010:  Mini-Reunion at Dick Green’s in Florida

Present for the Mini-Reunion in addition to Dick Green were Lew Eason, Tom Evans, Tom Weller, Leon Stricklen and Dan Peck.

April 2010: Columbus, Georgia. DoubleTree Hotel

Present for the OC 1-66 2010 Reunion were (1st Photo – 1st Row) Harrison Harley, Jim Hammontree, Larry Limer, Ramon Pulliam, George Cady, Jim Stotts, Dan Peck, Leon Stricklen. (1st Photo – 2nd Row) Bob Gaylord, Cliff Gehrt, Ron Bonner, Mike Medlin, Tom Evans, Jerry Fry, Dan Cerone. (1st Photo – 3rd Row) Ted Strange, Ron Pace, Rick Stetson, Pete Hollibaugh, Tommy Pevey, Hal Graves, Steve Tosi, Dutch Wrieske. (1st Photo – 4th Row) Paul Hindelang, Allen Rossow, Clark Sando (black hat), Tom Weller, Alfred Peck, (down) Pete Conaty, Don Lawrence, Ray Angeli, Howard Mahler and Jack Paul. Not Pictured: Norm Stone, Jordan May, Ransom Cooper, William Thetford and Lou Smith.

April 2012: Columbus, Georgia. Double Tree Hotel

Present for the 2012 OCS Reunion were: Dan Cerone, Bob Gaylord, Cliff Gehrt, Paul Hindelang, Pete Hollibaugh, General Maury Kendall, Chuck Kratzenberg, Ron Pace, Jack Paul, Dan Peck, Bob Shepps, Louis Smith, and Leon “Gator” Stricklen.

June 2012: Mini-Reunion at Leon & Lauren Stricklen’s in Umatilla, Florida. Present were Leon and Lauren Stricklen, Tommie and Bruce Archebelle, Randy and Celia Jackson, Lew and Pat Eason, and Dan and Judy Peck.

May 2014: Columbus, Georgia. Double Tree Hotel

Present for the 2014 OCS Reunion were: Jerry Fry, Bob Gaylord, Cliff Gehrt, Pete Hollibaugh, Randy Jackson, General Maury Kendall, Mike Kendall, Jack and Margot Paul, Aaron Peck, Dan Peck, Bob and Sher Shepps, and Leon “Gator” and Lauren Stricklen.

April 2016 – 50th OCS Reunion: Columbus, Georgia. Double Tree Hotel

OCS Classmates and Members of OC 1-66 present for the 2016 – 50th Graduation Reunion were: Ray Angelli, John Cleckner, Leo Clouser, Dan Cerone, Pete Conaty, Pete Cowman, Lew Eason, Tom Evans, Jerry Fry, Bob Gaylord, Cliff Gehrt, Alex Gordon, Hal Graves, Paul Hindelang, Pete Hollibaugh, Randy Jackson, General Maury Kendall, Mike Kendall, Chuck Kratzenberg, Howard Mahler, John Motley, Ron Pace, Jack Paul, Al Peck, Dan Peck, Tom Pevey, Al Rossow, Bob Shepps, Rick Stetson, Norm Stone, Steve Tosi, Nick Vawter, Tom Weller (Photos were provided by Pete Cowman, Bob Gaylord and Cliff Gehrt)




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